Season’s greetings!

Calendar for 2016:
17 January – Open Kyokushinkai Tezuka Cup – The Netherlands
27-28 February – EKTG Camp – Italy
3 April – EKTG Spring Camp – Belgium
25-30 July – EKTG Summer Camp – Belgium
26-27 November – EKTG Open European Championship – Poland

EKTG greetings 2016

EKTG Hayange 201511


*** New Date *** : 21 & 22 November 2015

Gymnasium Régine Cavagnoud
Rue de la Mine
57700 Hayange – France

Organized by:
Kyokushin France Tezuka Group
USTH Lorraine Kyokushin
Shihan Jean-Michel Piot

More information and registration
Français: Information stage Tezuka Group USTH 2015
English: Autumn Camp 2015 Kyokushin Hayange
Deutsch: Herbstpraktikum 2015 Kyokushin Hayange

The Polish Kyokushinkai Tezuka Group has the honor to invite the representatives of your dojo to take part in the X PKTG Kata Championship.

 The X PKTG Kata Championship will be held on 15 November 2015 in Wałbrzych, in the sports hall of „AQUA-ZDRÓJ” (Wałbrzych, ul. Ratuszowa 6). The participation in the PKTG Kata Championship  is free of charge.

The participation forms should be sent, in the written form, before 30 October 2015 to:
Eugeniusz Stanisławek    ul. Krasickiego 4/4     58-305 Wałbrzych      Poland

The PKTG Kata Championship will be carried out in 8 categories (Annex 1) in accordance with the rules of the Polish Kyokushinkai Tezuka Group:

  • every 1 participant may compete in 2 categories (individually and in a team),
  • 4 or 8 best performing competitors enter to the final round, 8 only in the categories where there are more than 16 participants,
  • for each round, qualifying round, semi-finals, finals – different kata should be performed (from the kata list proper for the given category),
  • the category will be created only when there is at least 6 participants competing in this category (for individual categories) or 4 teams,
  • the first three best competitors for each category will be granted a cup, a medal and
    a diploma. All competitors will receive the participation certificate.

Participants are requested to arrange their own accommodation. If there is a need, the organizer will try and help in arranging accommodation.

10:00 – 11:00  licenses and identity documents check (identity document with a photo is required – school card, identity card, passport)
11:00 – 11:30  referees’ meeting (official EKTG referee dress code: black trousers, white shirt with
a badge, dark blue jacket, bow tie, whistle)
11:30 – 15:00  qualifications, semi- finals and finals
15:00 – 15:30  awards ceremony

More information:
Categories_Annex 1
Participation form_Ind.Cat
Participation form_Teams

The EKTG Summer camp 2015 will be held in Belgium from Monday July 27th to Saturday August 1st.

The sport centre is located at the lakes of l’Eau d’Heure which is a great nautical complex of 1800 hectares divided into 600 hectares of lakes and the same surface of forests and grasslands.

See invitation for more information: Invitation EKTG SC 2015

Registration form: Registration EKTG SC 2015

Access to the sport centre: Access map

EKTG SC 2014

EKTG SC 2014

EKTG SC 2014

In collaboration with the Polish Kyokushin Tezuka Group.
Special invitation for all members of the European Kyokushin Tezuka Group.
4 categories:
– Kata
– Knockdown
– Light contact
– Semi-knockdown

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